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Rostered Players we be required to be at practice tomorrow night at Superior and have your first payment and apparel fees

Tuition is $1800

The first payment of $600 is due tomorrow night.  We can take Cash, Check or Charge.  There is 3% ($18) fee for use of credit card.  Your card will be charged for $618.

Second Payment of $600 will be due on October 21st
Third Payment of $600 will be due on January 13th

New Players are required to pay $410 for Jersey's, Socks, Covers and Jacket.  Optional $180 for Helmet and Gloves if you don't have Black.

Returning players - If you need any replacement apparel that fees are due as well

Jersey (Home or Away) $90 each
Socks (Home or Away) $40 each set
Jacket $100
Covers $50

We will offering skaters that did not make the roster an opportunity to participate with the team as a practice player.  This will allow you to skate at all practices, participate in all team activities.  We look to the practice player to help during home games with score keeping, fund raise and other activities.  You will also get a team jacket and polo.  After the roster is posted, if you are interested in being a practice play please come to practice tomorrow night as well.  The fee for a practice player will be $500 payable at practice tomorrow as well.

Thank you

Scott Nudelman GM
Rod Parisi Head Coach
Lou Seda Assistant Coach
Richard Johnston, Faculty Adviser (acting)

Click HERE for 2014-15 player Packet

Head Coach Rod Parisi
Asst  Coach Lou Seda
GM    Scott Nudelman
Faculty Advisor Rich Jonhnston